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How to distinguish the model of the car battery?

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How to distinguish the model of the car battery?

The battery is the power source for the car, mainly used to supply power to the car starter and various electrical equipment when starting, and is a starter type battery. At present, lead-acid batteries are basically used in cars, i.e. dilute sulphuric acid is used as the electrolyte and the active substances on the electrode plates are lead dioxide and lead, which participate in the electrochemical reaction.

In order to meet the needs of starting and electrical equipment, when replacing a new battery, the capacity and rating of the new battery must not be lower than the original battery used, and the size of the replacement battery must also be suitable for installation. There are many brands of batteries on the market, mainly VARTA, ACDELCO, Panasonic, Sail, Unity, GS, Korea Rocket, TangShao, GW\POWER, etc.. The batteries produced by each manufacturer also have different markings.

The models of lead batteries for automobiles are named according to certain standards, and those used in the international market are mainly named according to Japanese standards, German standards and American standards.

Japanese JIS standard battery

In 1979, the Japanese standard battery type was represented by Nippon's N, followed by a number that was the size of the battery slot, expressed in terms close to the rated capacity of the battery, e.g. NS40ZL.

1. N for Japanese JIS standard.

2. S denotes miniaturisation, i.e. the actual capacity is smaller than 40 Ah, at 36Ah.

3. Z means better starting and discharging performance in the same size, S means thicker pole terminal than the same capacity battery, e.g. NS60SL.

Note: Generally speaking the positive and negative terminals of the battery have different diameters to avoid reversing the polarity of the battery. The diameter of the conical terminal is shown in Table 1. 4.

4. L means positive pole at the left end, R means positive stake at the right end, e.g. NS70R. (Note: from the direction away from the battery pole stake)

German DIN standard batteries

Take the battery model 544 34 as an example, the description is as follows:

1. The beginning 5 indicates that the rated capacity of the battery is below 100Ah; the beginning 6 indicates that the battery capacity is between 100Ah and 200Ah; the beginning 7 indicates that the rated capacity of the battery is above 200Ah. For example, the rated capacity of the 544 34 battery is 44Ah; the rated capacity of the 610 17MF battery is 110 Ah; the rated capacity of the 700 27 battery is 200 Ah.

2. The two digits after the capacity indicate the size and group number of the battery. A few examples are shown in Table 4.

3.MF means maintenance-free type.

American BCI standard battery

Taking the battery model 58 430 (12V 430A 80min) as an example, the instructions are as follows:

1.58 indicates the battery size group number, as shown in Table 5.

2.430 means the cold start current is 430A.

3.80min means the storage capacity of the battery is 80min.

4. American standard batteries can also be expressed in this way: 78-600, 78 indicates the battery size group number, 600 indicates the cold start current is 600A.



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