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Do you know the precursors of car battery failure?

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Do you know the precursors of car battery failure?

The service life of a car battery is generally 3 years. During regular maintenance of the car, the car repair technician will conduct an inspection and inform the owner if they need to be replaced. 

But the specific situation still depends on the driving habits of the car owner, and there are also new cars that lose battery power within a year, which is also closely related to driving habits.

When encountering the following situations, car owners and friends should pay attention. Your car battery will need to be replaced~

Difficulty starting the car

When there are no other factors, if the car suddenly experiences difficulty starting, it may be a precursor to the imminent failure of the battery, but if it is winter, it may be the so-called cold start difficulty.

When the car is idling, the lights dim

For example, when waiting for a red light or temporary parking, the headlights of your car suddenly dim. This is because the charging power of the engine decreases when idling. If the battery is almost unusable at this time and other equipment in the car needs to be powered, the car's headlights will consume a large amount of electricity, resulting in insufficient power supply and dimming of the lights.

The battery fault light is on

When the battery fault light comes on, it reminds the car owner that they should go to the repair shop for battery maintenance and testing.

Abnormal noise during startup

Due to the weakened discharge capacity of the battery, the starter will experience poor operation and make a squeaking sound, which is particularly noticeable at low temperatures. As the weather is cold, the activity of the battery will also decrease, and when the weather warms up, it will improve or disappear. Therefore, many car owners are not satisfied.

Battery observation hole

There is an observation hole on maintenance free batteries, and the light in the observation hole shows whether the battery is working properly. Green indicates good operation, while black indicates that the battery needs to be replaced. However, some car owners may also report that this light is not reliable and cannot start the car even if it is green. The observation hole is a simple reference.

Bulging and leakage on the surface of the battery

This situation mainly depends on whether the battery has bulging and leakage. If such a situation is found, please replace it in a timely manner. If it is not replaced, there will be safety hazards, and it is important to replace it.

In addition, the normal working voltage of the car battery is around 12V. When the generator is charged after starting, the voltage will rise to around 13-14V. Many cars have a voltage check function, which pays attention to the voltage changes before and after starting to distinguish whether the battery is good or bad. If the vehicle is already below 12V before starting or below 13V after starting, then we should consider battery issues.



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