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Strength Auto Battery Factory--TONGLIbattery

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Strength auto battery factory--TONGLIbattery

Advanced production technology:

the factory should have advanced battery manufacturing technology, including battery design, material selection, production process and other aspects of the ability. It can produce efficient, safe and reliable automobile batteries.


Complete production equipment:

the factory should have complete production lines and equipment, able to complete the entire production process from raw materials to finished batteries. At the same time, the equipment should be characterized by high precision, high efficiency and high reliability.


Large production scale:

the factory should have a large production scale and be able to meet the large number of demands from automobile manufacturers. It can provide high quality battery products quickly and accurately.


Strict quality management:

the factory should establish a perfect quality management system to ensure quality control at every step. Able to provide products that meet international standards and have good after-sales service.


Strong R&D capability:

The factory should have strong R&D capability and be able to continuously introduce new products and technologies to meet the different needs of automobile manufacturers. At the same time, it is able to provide battery recycling and secondary utilization services.


High quality of personnel:

The employees of the factory should have high professional quality and technical ability, and be able to perform their respective jobs. At the same time, the factory should pay attention to the training and development of employees to improve their professional skills and management ability.


Strong awareness of production safety:

the factory should have a high degree of production safety awareness, and strictly abide by national and local production safety regulations and standards. Establish a sound production safety management system to ensure the personal safety of employees and the normal operation of the enterprise.


Environmentally friendly:

the factory should pay attention to environmental protection and comply with environmental regulations and standards. Adopt environmental protection technology and equipment to reduce environmental pollution in the production process. At the same time, it should actively carry out energy saving and emission reduction work to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.






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